IAMCA Constitution to be Reviewed During the 2019 Annual Meeting

During the 2018 annual meeting held in Winnipeg, Manitoba this past summer, the Executive Committee discussed potential changes to the IAMCA Constitution related to membership. The IAMCA Constitution can be viewed at the link here.

The Executive Committee is considering changing the definition of Members and Associate Members, as well as the membership fee structure. As it is currently worded, the membership portion of the Constitution states:


Sec. 1. Members of this Association shall be the duly constituted governmental milk marketing regulatory agencies of each of the states or territories of the United States, each of the provinces of Canada, or other like nations, it be intended that membership be vested in agencies at the national level only when the nation does not have states, provinces, or similar subdivisions having independent sovereignty empowered to regulate milk marketing. Each such member agency which has paid the annual membership fee for the current calendar year and which has one or more representatives in attendance at the annual meeting for that year shall be entitled to one vote at such meeting, provided that such member agency shall not be entitled to vote by proxy or other authorization.

Sec. 2. Other interested parties involved with dairy industry may become associate members of the Association. Associate members shall be entitled to fully participate in all of the affairs and activities of the Association except the right to vote, become an officer or have membership on the Executive Committee.


Sec. 1. The annual membership fee for members qualified pursuant to Article III, Sec. 1 shall be $150.00 (effective in 1984).

Sec. 2. The annual membership fee for associate members qualified pursuant to Article III, Sec. 2, shall be $50.00.

The Executive Committee is soliciting suggestions and opinions related to possible changes. We intend to discuss any possible changes during the Mid-Year meeting to be held in San Diego in late February 2019. If you have any suggestions or opinions that you wish to share with the Executive Committee, or would like to attend this mid-year Executive Committee meeting in-person, please contact Dan McCarthy, Secretary / Treasurer at dan.mccarthy@agriculture.ny.gov or 518-457-4921.

Additionally, the IAMCA Constitution provides the following related to amendments:


This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members at the annual meeting, provided that proposed amendments must be submitted in writing at least 24 hours before being acted upon, but this requirement shall not prohibit the annual meeting, upon consideration of a proposed amendment, from further making any germane modifications of the proposed in adopting the same.

Therefore, if you would like to forward specific proposals for consideration by the full membership at the annual meeting in Golden Colorado in August 2019, please let us know.