Thoughts on the Next IAMCA Meeting

Thoughts on the Next IAMCA Meeting

Doug Thompson, IAMCA President, General Manager, Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island

As the world faces a resurgence of cases with Covid-19, thoughts turn toward the events and meetings that we all look forward to each year. It’s difficult to see if we can host the 2021 meeting, since the border is currently closed. With a second wave happening, i...

Aged Chatter – IAMCA Through the Years – Founders Award

Aged Chatter - IAMCA Through the Years

By Dan McCarthy, Secretary / Treasurer

I have heard from my colleagues in the industry that some of the same issues and discussions keep coming up. To see if this is true, I have combed the IAMCA archive’s past conferences to see what the hot topics were at the time. Here are the results of my ‘non-statistical’ study:

During the planning of a meeting for a local food ...

Milk Price Gouging Defined?

A serious matter that has been raised during the current Covid-19 pandemic is whether or not other states or provinces, or even countries, are controlling the retail price of milk.

I am aware of some states that regulate this price regularly, pandemic or not. However others have regulations, like New York, that only address excessive prices.

IAMCA is asking each member to contact IAMCA directly, and let us know how your organizations have regul...

Retail Price Surveys – Who Does Them, How Are These Done, How Are They Used?

As part of your membership to IAMCA, you have access to a database of retail prices as reported by several states in the United States. A few years ago, we began to add the question on our membership form asking if your organization conducts retail price reviews, if you can share these reviews, and if you would like to receive periodic reports from our survey data.

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, where many organizations are limiting the exposure of staff t...