2019-08-14 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Approved on 2/25/20

Minutes Executive Committee Meeting

International Association of Milk Control Agencies

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Golden Colorado


Members and Guests Present


Doug Thompson – Prince Edward Island   France Dionne – Quebec

Mike Southwood – Alberta                            Doug Miller – Saskatchewan

Crafton Wilkes – Virginia                              Rob Delage – British Columbia

Tim Drake – Maine                                       Chantal Paul, Canadian Dairy Commission

Brent Achtemichuk – Manitoba                 Lou Canter – New York

Chad Lee – Montana                                    Mike Wiers – Maine

Liz Crouse – Nova Scotia                            Peter Hunkar – Colorado

Dan McCarthy – New York                       Harold Friedly – USDA

John Poole – Dairy Farmers of America

The meeting was called to order by President Doug Thompson at 12:30 PM

The minutes of the Executive Committee meeting from February will be edited and resubmitted during the next Executive Committee meeting.

The submitted web site design proposals were discussed. After discussion, it was decided to accept the proposal from SRD in the amount of $2,980 not including optional costs.  The Committee appointed a sub-committee to work with this vendor to create the web site. The subcommittee includes Peter Hunkar, Doug Thompson, Chantal Paul, and Tim Drake.

The Executive Committee discussed the date and location of the mid-year meeting. It was decided to select Nashville, Tennessee from Tuesday Feb 25, 2020 to Wednesday Feb 26, 2020. Harold Friedly stated that he has experience with a certain hotel (Hotel Indigo) in Nashville, and he will reach out to them to get an idea of costs.

President Thompson discussed the 2020 Annual meeting plans to date. They will be at the Rodd Charlottetown Hotel the week of July 20th. There will be an Executive Committee meeting on Sunday, followed by a two-day meeting, which precedes the Canadian Milk Supply Management Committee (CMSMC) meeting.

At this time, the Committee discussed the position of coordinator of the newsletter. Crafton Wilkes said that he will do this, on an interim basis.

At the request of Dan McCarthy, there was a discussion regarding the issue of the New York’s delegate holding the position of Secretary/ treasurer as well as another officer position on the Executive Committee.

After a discussion, the following resolution was offered:

When the jurisdiction of the Secretary / Treasurer and President are held by the same person, then the 1st Vice President will act as a Financial Control Officer for the purpose of reviewing and approving financial reports and transactions. This resolution passed.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 PM