2018-02-13 Approved Executive Committee Minutes

Minutes of the Mid-Year Executive Committee Meeting

International Association of Milk Control Agencies

Tuesday February 13 – Wednesday February 14, 2018

San Diego, California


Members and Guests Present

Brent Achtemichuk (Manitoba)               Rob Delage (British Columbia)

Harold Friedly (USDA)                          Mike Southwood(Alberta)

John Siglow (Dairy Farmers of America)  Liz Crouse (Nova Scotia)

Doug Thompson (Prince Edward Isl.)     Peter Hunkar (Colorado)

John Weisgerber (N. Dakota)                 Tim Drake (Maine)

Chantal Paul (Canadian Dairy Comm.)    Rene VonderHaar (Colorado)

Dan McCarthy (New York)


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by President Achtemichuk

The meeting opened with introductions.

Dan McCarthy distributed draft minutes to the Executive Committee meetings of March 15-16, 2017 and September 17, 2017 and September 19, 2017. An amendment was offered for the September 17th minutes. Mike Southwood moved to accept the minutes, as amended. The motion was seconded. Motion passed.

Dan McCarthy distributed a financial report as of 12/31/2017, including a balance sheet and income statement. Cash on hand is up, and 2017 resulted in a net income of $1,881 USD. Also attached is the final results of the Roanoke meeting. This provided a net positive return of $524 USD. Lastly, a report of the organizations that have paid 2018 memberships to date was provided.

The discussion moved briefly to the meeting planning for 2019 in Colorado. Peter Hunkar discussed that he is trying to secure a tour of the new Kroger plant.

Brent Achtemichuk discussed the current plans for the 2018 meeting in Winnipeg. It will begin with an Executive Committee meeting on Monday, July 23, with the conference beginning on Tuesday, July 24 to Wednesday July 25, 2018. A tour of the dairy ingredients plant will be in the morning of Wednesday.

Brent has already begun to secure sponsorships for the event.

Brent asked the Committee to discuss ideas to grow participation in these meetings, as well as membership in IAMCA. Several discussions included past attempts to coordinate US meetings with other organizations in the dairy regulation or economic fields, however scheduling has always been an issue.

The question was posed to the Committee: What is the value that IAMCA brings to the membership?  Can it be more than this annual meeting? The Committee also discussed putting together a membership directory. Dan McCarthy offered to do so, and would have this out before the 2018 annual meeting. Also discussed was a greater internet presence. This could include statistics for US and Canadian dairy, national issues, and state / province news. For now, we have a free web page hosted by the State of Maine. We might explore our own web site and / or social media. Committee members should be encouraged to ‘bring a friend’ to Executive Committee meetings to entice additional memberships and participation.

Brent said that he will contact Crafton Wilkes regarding the status of the newsletter. If this is a burden, then IAMCA should explore options such as asking a recently retired IAMCA member to take on the coordination and editing of this publication or perhaps hiring a professional. We may be able to offer a small fee or free attendance to the annual meeting. This publication should include news for the industry as well as some descriptions of the member organizations. Chantal Paul offered to prepare a request of proposal to be distributed to companies that may be interested.

The Committee then discussed potential 2018 meeting topics and ideas for speakers. After a period of discussion, the meeting was adjourned for the day.

The meeting was reconvened at 9:00 am on 2/14/18.

Brent Achtemichuk distributed copies of a table of topics for the 2018 meeting as well as initial ideas for speakers. After discussion, Committee members accepted assignments to contact the speakers and to coordinate with Brent on securing these obligations.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.

(Minutes Approved 7/23/18)

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